Sunday, 30 December 2018

New Year Magic

With the new year coming up, I often think about endings and beginnings. With the new year on the horizon, now is a very good time to get your house in order, to do rituals of release, and work with luck and abundance rituals for the coming year.

If you're unsure of some of the rituals and actions you can do to end the year, here are a few ideas:

  • Clean your home: I mean give it a really thorough, deep clean. Dust everything, move furniture, clean the neglected altars and shrines. I always make sure that all of my laundry is done, my garbage is taken out, my dishes are done, and my fridge cleaned. I always see it as washing and cleaning the dirt and grime of the last year so I'm not bringing any baggage into the new year. It's a fresh start.
  • Clean yourself: Have a nice, cleansing bath or shower. I like to make a tea of cleansing herbs like sage, rosemary, or mint, strain it,  and pour it into the water (or cool it slightly and pour it over your head in the shower, if you prefer). I always make sure it's something luxurious. I want to feel squeaky clean and light. Make it a special event - light some candles, some incense, play some soothing music.
  • Reset your altars: If you have shrines or working altars, the new year is a really good time to set them up for you focus for the new year. If you're looking for love, perhaps you'll buy some fresh roses or place a chunk or rose quartz with some red or pink candles. If you're looking for abundance, maybe you'll anoint some candles with money oil and place some coins. You get the idea. It's a good time to reset your own focus and enter the new year with one foot forward.
  • Make a donation to charity: I like this one, because it ends the year on a positive note, and gives pleasant energy to take into the next year. It doesn't have to be money - perhaps you volunteer some time at a soup kitchen, or you make a large donation of clothing to a shelter. As long as you are giving, you are creating positive goodwill.
  • Burn your calendar: This is something I have done for the past few years. It's a really transformational way to say good riddance if you've had a rough year, or just a good way to start anew. I will usually burn in my cauldron or a fire pit.
  • Reset your wards: The beginning of a new year is a great time to recharge and reset any wards you have on your home - new protection spells, new warding charms, etc. Even just burning some purifying herbs in your space can help to clear out any negative, lingering, stagnant energies.
I also try and set my new year up on the best foot I can, so here are a few things I have done over the years:

  • Set up a Positivity Jar: I have an old honey jar I have painted for just this purpose. I spend the year writing down nice things that have happened, or good feelings I have had, or things I have been proud of - at the end of the year, you open it and read everything inside. It can help to bring some perspective.
  • New Years Resolutions: I hate these things, but I use them more like personal oaths. I try to only make one per year. For example, my own goal for the next year is to reign in my spending on books and limit myself to one a month. I have a huge backlog to be read, and I just got 7 books for Yule. I am hoping it will allow me to be more consistent with reading.
  • Start journaling/a BOS/a Grimoire: Nothing pushes you into the new year like a project. Writing itself is a magical act, and I have found it to be an extremely reflective, helpful process. Being able to go back and read about experiences I have had has made me a better witch. I know what works and doesn't, because I have a record of it.
  • Pull a Tarot card/do a year spread: I love doing this. I actually do a whole spread for the next 12 months - a card a month - and a card for the whole year. I try and take a picture of the whole spread, and write down all the cards, their meanings, and what months they correspond too. That way I can look back at the end of the year, or periodically, and see how things have played out.
All of these things are relatively simple. I try to keep my practice fairly practical, because that is what works for me. Magic is all about the energy to give to it, so if want elaborate or adjust these idea to suit your needs, feel free. I find the most important part is just doing something.

While 2018 has been a challenging year, it's also been very transformational. While I have lost many things, I have also gained an immeasurable amount of surety in my own practice, my choices, and I have healed greatly from the abusive trauma of 2016 and 2017. I finally feel free, and that is so liberating.

I wish you all a wonderful end to 2018, and a prosperous, transformative, and deliciously wicked 2019.