Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sandwitch once again

I have landed!

I am finally moved in and settled in my new space. Moving is always a special kind of hell, and this was definitely that. It took a good 12 hours to load all of our stuff into the truck - we had a lot of logistical issues (truck was too small, had to go rent a trailer, etc). Thankfully we cleaned most everything the week prior, so there wasn't much left to do when we left. But that teaches me to move during Mercury retrograde! I had no choice, but things may have gone a bit smoother had we not moved that exact weekend.

It was a very strange and surreal feeling to stand in what was once home, now just an empty shell, stripped of all that made it home. It seemed so small. We lived in that space longer than I have lived anywhere in my life, so there were a lot of feelings tied up in that space. Lots of love and loss. Lots of wonderful and terrible times. However, being used to moving around a lot as a kid prepared me for another move, and I had a very strong feeling that this would end up just fine.

Our new place is very quiet - I barely hear our neighbours. I mean, we live next to a gas station and it's still super quiet. We're in a little bedroom community headed out of the city, so you walk 3 minutes and you're surrounded in nature. Our new place is also smaller than our last place. With that has come some pretty heavy adjusting, but we've got maybe 2 or 3 boxes left to unpack and then we are completely set.

My prior office/spiritual space was approximately 7ft x 7ft. I was able to have all of my goods in there and then have people in and move around. However, our new place did not have a den area. I was able to commandeer the 5ft x 5ft electrical/storage room as an office and spiritual space, and I am super happy at how functional the space is, and how much room I have!

I really love the feel of it - sometimes tiny spaces can really surpass your expectations. I have enough space to do work, but also do workings, meditate, and hold my spiritual library (all the other books live in the living room). I've actually fallen in love with the space. I still have to organize the library (that is tomorrow's task) but it's 99% complete.

Aside from the actual work of unpacking, I have a job (the first of many offers, I am quite sure) that starts on the 20th. Different government organization, a little more money, similar hours. I'm looking forward to it, and to earning money again. I am a person who enjoys routine and having work. It will help me to settle into the new life we are building.

I am also excited to get involved in the Pagan community again. The community here is much smaller and has a lot less drama. My previous community was very toxic, and my experiences had left me pretty soured on the idea of working outside our family unit. I am attending a meet and greet tomorrow, which I'm excited about. I have very fond memories of past pagan gatherings, and I am hoping that it can be something we can look into for next year.

Now on to more short term goals - get to the beach, have a campfire, swim in the ocean.