Sunday, 8 October 2017


yeah, I watermarked them.
As is tradition, we went apple picking for Harvest Home. It's a nice tradition we've created for ourselves, and something that I look forward to every year. This year, we decided to take our dog. He's a great little companion and he had a lot of fun. He also looks a bit like an orc or goblin, much to our amusement. He had his first birthday on September 10, so he's officially a doggo now.

We usually go a little later in the season, so there wasn't much available. It has been a really hot early fall - temperatures have been in the mid-late 20's C, and it's been humid. We hadn't had that cold snap necessary to kickstart the apples sweetening. Still, we were able to grab a few varieties that led to some pie and crisp making. I made one of the best apple pies I have even made, so there's a notch in my belt.

We ended up in the flower field at one point, and there were hundreds of butterflies! Every step we made was like scattering fluttering confetti from flower to flower. There were a lot of beetles and bees out too. It was one of the most calming places I've been in a long time, and it was nice to commune with the land spirits and feel enriched afterward. I swear, my blood pressure immediately normalized and my breathing was so calm.

That evening D and I headed out the the beach to burn some corn dollies we had made in petition for a bountiful harvest and in thanks for the recent rains.

All in all, very low-key. Magic doesn't need to be big or elaborate. It's all about intention.

I've been laying a bit low. I've been focusing on my mental and spiritual health right now - there have been some stresses that I've been trying to take in stride. I've been picking through my reading - I'm trying to pick up the pace, as I have 9 more books to read before the end of the year to hit my personal goal. I've also been making preparations and plans for Samhain. Lots of little things to pull together - making cascarilla powder with extra protection properties, drying the remaining corn dollies, picking up some novena candles - as well as prepping for the regular feast and apple cider.

So - mainly an 'I'm still here, just focusing on other things' kind of update. I have a few other articles I've been slowly picking away at that I'm hoping will be ready before Samhain.

Tonight is fussing around in the nook, resetting the altars, offering to the gods and spirits, and hopefully some journaling and reading.