Friday, 11 August 2017


I really love this time of year. I dread summer every year, because I hate the heat and the drought, but there is something magical about August, particularly mid-late August. The colours are gradually fading into the tones of autumn, the yellows and pale greens, the leaves starting to lose their brilliant green lustre. The pops of goldenrod. The cranberries ripening from pearly white to lush garnet gems. The days are hot, the evenings cool. I have been fortunate the have the companionship of my dog to get me out to enjoy all the beauty, and to see the excitement of all the new smells and sights every time we go out is a blessing.

I am growing to love August.

It's also the symbology, the beginning of the climax of the growing season. Everything is starting to slowly wind down - the wheat will be harvested. The proverbial squirrels are starting to gather the nuts from the ground.

It is the beginning of the move inward.

This is the first time in a number of years that I have found myself really focusing and enjoying the season. The last number of years have been chaotic - many changes. This year there is a sweet calmness that I finally - finally - get to savour.

D and I celebrated Lammas, the first harvest, by making a loaf of spelt bread with harvested flowers from our garden. We drove out to the shore, the wild cliffs, and we chanted and sang and prayed for rain. We sowed the seeds of our intentions to be harvested in the coming months. We listened to the waves crash perilously below us, felt the fog and sea spray kiss our cheeks. We poured libations of fresh water, left offerings of bread, honey, tobacco, and money.

It felt incredible. Even after grounding, I felt like I was humming for days. I slept like a baby.

This is the beginning of the time of year where I feel the most in tune, the most powerful. The days growing darker, the temperatures dropping - I live for it. I feel like I have more motivation, more stamina. I am doing the things I love again - baking, reading, writing, creating. This movement,  this energy, this change - I am ready for it.