Monday, 26 June 2017

To Will

The Witches Pyramid has four points: To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent.

Witchcraft is the practice of directing will. Will is desire, it is spark, it is the burning need to create change. Will is the creative drive. It is our desire to experiment and push our boundaries.

Will is pure fire. It is electric love, the burn deep in our bellies, in our core. Will is the what we focus into the lens to create change. Will is capricious; what works for you now may not work 5 years from now. or even 5 minutes from now.

I am the creature of fire, of will. I ride each wave of change to the crest of knowing, and I focus that change to create. Will is the creatrix and the destroyer. I draw on much of my learning from doing, which is what this energy is all about. Will is action. It is active knowledge, putting all your knowing onto a path of learning that requires you to apply it and push it.

Part of harnessing your will is knowing when you have reached true understanding. You need to check in with yourself and see where those desires lie, to know what is understood and where you want to steer the boat.

I have experienced a number of different witchcraft paths, and have worked heavily within the framework of each of them. Each one of them held mystery and purpose for me, but I grew and was pulled in different directions. I was inspired by and called to different paths - and I rode that change. Every change is difficult and every new things requires a new way of learning and a new worldview and a new way of thinking. Will is all about the running with those fluctuations and being inspired by them!

To harness will is to to focus your power.