Tuesday, 20 June 2017

To Know

The Witches Pyramid has four points: To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent.

Part of being a witch is knowing - knowing yourself, knowing your shit, knowing what works and what (or who) doesn't.

Knowing is associated with air - the element of thought and reason. Those who know themselves have likely spend a good long time reflecting, digesting, and tearing apart the pieces to figure out how to put them back together. Knowing yourself can mean a lot of things - it can mean knowing who you are and what you want, but it also can meaning knowing yourself intimately.

I know that I am a person that experiences everything in a very intense way. Feelings, yes, but also things on an intellectual and psychological way. I know how to rationalize with the parts of myself that are prone to those intensities, but I also know that the intense perception I hold of the world is how I am shaped. It is how I process, how I rationalize, how I learn.

Part of knowing it to admit what you don't know. I think I have a good idea of who I am, but I don't know exactly who I am completely. I think we as people shift and we grow, and that discomfort with growing is part of learning who we are.

There is also knowing your shit. The studying, the experimentation, the review and constant drive to push forward. To know your shit is to be confident in your knowledge. It is the lore, the workings, the practices. It is the oral and written traditions of your practice. It is being a resource for yourself and others, but knowing where to resource what you don't know.

Knowing what works for you comes with experience and becomes wisdom. Lessons learned. It's knowing that a hot burner will scald your fingers. It's knowing when to trust and who to trust. It's trusting your intuition and inner knowing to guide yourself on your path.

To know oneself is to have power.