Wednesday, 21 June 2017


My life has been a little quiet as of late. My workings have been small, personal. My writing has been on paper, in journals. My thoughts have been percolating.

Now the longest day is upon us. Now is the time to bathe in the light and spring forth from the shadows.

Midsummer is fire. It's love and sex and passion and heat. It's spice and hot sand and woodsmoke. It's sweat and sea water and the sting of the sun. The Sun is here to herald in the season of growing, the season of fire.

Now is the time to seize the day. It is time to drink iced tea and eat fresh fruit. It is time for the lazy and hot days of summer. It is time for Life.

I am looking forward to it for once.

I can't wait to squeeze the sand between my toes and feel the waves in the ocean lap around me. I can't wait for lazy days under the canopy of a big tree with a good book. For hikes with my family and dog.

I can't wait to rediscover myself in this season of fire. My season. A child of air and fire.

For now I am content to watch the fingers of flame lick the dark sky hungrily. Content to see the fog roll in, to smell the incoming rain on the air.

It's a rebirth, folks. I hope you're ready.