Monday, 8 May 2017

Beltane musings

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The cleansing fires of Beltane. A chance to burn away the doldrums and cobwebs of winter, and truly welcome spring.

D and I had a wonderful Beltane in the country. A friend invited us to her property, which is beautiful,  to celebrate the season. I wasn't sure if I was going to go, as I had the worst cold I have had in years, but by the time Beltane rolled around I was feeling much on the mend and able to participate.

Fire is such a transformative element - it is such a powerful way to mark endings and beginnings. I always love the fires of Beltane and the 3 fire festivals edging into fall, because they are all about transformation. Everything in nature is in flux, and we can stand rigid and live in the past, or we can move and flow with it into the future.

I know I choose the latter.

It was a great ritual and a great chance to enjoy the awakening of nature.

Now we move forward into new things - new ventures, new connections, new knowledge. Summer will soon be coming.

I have yet to start my garden - it has been cold and rainy here. I have earmarked this upcoming weekend to clean and organize my small garden. I have just ordered a new cover for my greenhouse (the previous one did not last the winter!) so I look forward to digging in. I look forward to growth and beauty, and look forward to a hopefully bountiful harvest.