Monday, 6 February 2017

For the love of reading

This has been a quiet and introspective winter full of shadow work. It's not a bad thing - in fact, it's needed. I have needed the decompression from the last 2 years, and while it can be difficult facing one's shadows, there is a certain amount of sovereignty in reclaiming your life from that. I suppose when you work with a lot of gods associated with death and chaos and reclaiming your power, it is to be expected.

I have spent the majority of the last month planning and reading. Planning for upcoming festivities and trips. and catching up on all the reading I need to complete. I have a backlog of books from 2012, so I am working my way through them combined with some newer fiction to give my mind a break.

I found with last year and all of it's chaos, it was difficult to get caught up on my reading. I read what I needed to in order to maintain my IDGAF initiate status, but beyond that - nothing. I really wanted to change that this year, so I have been really focusing on doing that and trying not to accumulate new books at a startling rate. Unfortunately for me (or my pocketbook, anyway), I have a number of books to purchase in the next few months. Books I have been looking forward to since they were announced. I just have had no desire to read in the last year - until after Bookmas. With all the new and wonderful books to read, I knew I wanted to push myself. I have been getting back into my stride, which has ben challenging since I used to read all the time on the bus - but since I bought a car and carpool to work, I no longer do that. I now read before bed and on breaks, and on my days off.

So while it may be quiet now, in the coming weeks it will be less so. I have put a good dent in the 40 books I have pledged to read this year (5 so far, working on 6 and 7 right now), and as the thaw begins, and as my dog gets older, I will be able to go out and have more adventures.

I highly encourage anyone who want to challenge themselves to go and sign up for Goodreads, and pledge to complete the 2017 challenge. I am hoping this challenge will reignite my love of reading again.