Sunday, 23 October 2016

Harvest Home (or reaping the intentions sewn).

The veil is thinning.

I thought I could feel it as we passed Harvest Home, but now with the darkening evenings, the whispers of the other world seem so much closer. I smell the chill in the air, I see figures in the mist and fog. Samhain is coming, and I am ready.

I have spent the last 5 months planting seeds. I have nurtured them, I have given them love and attention, and now I am harvesting the good intentions I have sewn.

First thing is first - we are now car owners.

We have spent the last number of months putting the intentions into place that if my job was renewed, we would get a vehicle. That came to pass when that exact thing happened, and D became debt free at the end of September.

We had researched, had weighed our options, and we decided to get a brand spankin' new Kia Soul. We don't have kids (nor will we), and it's usually just us going place to place. D started a new job this summer, and we now needed a car, not just wanted one.

So, we have one. It is everything I hoped for. I know in the long run it is an extra expense, but we have a rainy day fund started for just such issues (and the fact the car is under warranty for quite a long time). But it is amazing. No more buses for groceries. No more being stuck in the city, having to rely on the kindness of my father-in-law.

So the first thing we did? Went apple picking, of course!

We took a beautiful Sunday and traveled to the Annapolis Valley, to our favourite orchard. We spent time wandering the rows, filling our bags with the sweet fruit that will become crisp and butter and sauce. We thanked the land for being bountiful, despite the wicked drought of the summer.

Afterwards, we spent the afternoon driving around and enjoy nature. We ended up at a little brasserie in Canning, and got to enjoy the views after lunch.

We took some time and drove to Scot's Bay, stopping at the Lookoff along the way. As we were driving past a harvested field, we saw some commotion with a flock of seagulls, and what looked like the remains of a seagull. We wondered what the commotion was until we looked across the field, and dead in the middle of the field, just behind the farmhouse, was a coyote! Ballsy to be out during the day, and far too quick to get a photo, but it's been years since I saw a coyote and it was a good sight.

We got to the Lookoff, where neither of the menfolk has been, and got to look over the valley. It was beautiful.

After going over the ridge, we ended up in Scot's Bay. It's on the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. The parking lot at the beach had a big sign warning people not to park too close, as the tides rise quickly and their car would be flooded. I took a little video, as we got out there as the tide was going out. Quickly at that.

A video posted by Rhi (@thecorvidkey) on

 We meandered back along the ridge and ended up in Grand Pre, and at Evangeline Beach - again, a beautiful day for it. Tide was out, but when it is in, it's up over the nearest rocks.

We made our way slowly back home, and stopped at these limestone cliffs near sunset. The sky was a really weird cyan blue. I don't know why, but I have always wanted to photograph these cliffs!

It was a wonderful, amazing day trip!

I have been working with D to try and suss out our Samhain plans. We are going to a private ritual the day beforehand, and possibly the public ritual. However, on Samhain proper we want to do something we have never  been able to do - go to a beach and have a fire. We have some things we want to close the door on for the past year, and a few remnants of old attachments we want to burn. I am in the midst of doing the research, but it should be a fun night!

Lastly, we have set into motion the last thing on my list for the year - we have adopted a dog!

He is wee. So, so wee. He is a Taco Terrier, and 5 weeks as of this photo. He is coming home on November 10. We have a name chosen, but we're not going to reveal until the official date he comes home. We went to see him, and we just fell head over heels in love with him.

Now comes the real work - puppy-proofing! We have supplies to get (he's puppy pad trained, thankfully), and some setting up to do, but we are over-the-moon excited. Again, we're never having kids, but we always wanted pets.

It's been an eventful month. I am hoping that's all for big change for a long while.

But honestly...