Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pre-Harvest Home and Record Keeping

A blessed Equinox to all!

My hearth and I have yet to celebrate our Harvest Home holiday, but we have plans for next week. It has been hectic in mundane life - I spent the last few weeks doing more training and writing more tests at my job, and I found out my contract was extended for another 4 -6 months, which is welcome news. I wasn't ready for a pay cut, and in fact my wage is going up soon, so that is wonderful. We have been trying to do a lot of research, since we are likely buying a vehicle in the next 10 days or so. We have been making some decisions as we are planning to adopt a dog in the next few months. That on top of the tail end of Mercury retrograde has made for interesting and busy times!

A few weeks ago I tore apart all of my altars around my spiritual nook,  and in part of my restart, set up some simple and dedicated spaces for the gods I work with most - Odin, Freya, the Morrigan. I wanted to have a simpler approach, and to work on continuing to build string working relationships with the gods. For me it is important to separate the spaces, because I think each of those spaces is a place of honour, and you can build the kind of energy you want on each.

Specifically for the Allfather, with offerings of pipe tobacco.

For Freya, her cats, to love and death intertwined.

I also set up a few working altars, and my main seasonal working altar.

I have called this 'the Naughty Step'. Specifically my cursing and left hand space.

My main working seasonal altar. The candle in the front is a spell-in-progress.

I have been doing a little cleansing and reinforcing - I tend to do that this time of year. I made myself a Witch's Ladder to hang in the space to reinforce my wards.

On major thing I have been working on with my restart is magical record-keeping. It's not something I have focused on in a long time - I tend to have a pretty good memory for a lot of things, and I do a lot of things from intuition - but it is something I wanted to really focus on this time around.

There is something inherently magical is writing down all of your intentions, your workings, your learnings. Specifically, I have been working with the runes and writing out pertinent points in my workings. I've been writing out all of my meditations (which I have always done, but have kept up with). I have my journal - where I have written down all of my feelings about things happening in my life that affect my practice, as well as all upcoming ideas and plans. While I have a good memory now, I would like to have these things to look back at in 10 years to see how I have grown and changed. I want to write out all of my successes and failures, so that I can remember them. I want to write out all of the events that have left blackthorns in my heart so that I can move forward in a place of forgiveness and love.

I am a researcher at heart - I am a note taker, I look for patterns, and I like to have the facts to remind me of the mindset I was in at a moment in time, so that I can look back at it when time has had it's effect on memory, to know how I should feel or how I should proceed. If I have a spell that has worked really well that I have intuitively written, I want a record of it. If someone has said something that has an impact, I want a record of it. If I have learned something important, or if a stanza from a poem has spoken to me, I want a record of it.

The modern craft would not exist in the form it does if Gardner and Valiente did not keep records. Doreen Valiente herself had over 100 journals filled with events, workings, and thoughts. Those are invaluable. Though I won't have children, there isn't anything to say my journals and workings would not have value to someone else. Who knows! Maybe I'll adopt a kid at 50 and pass everything on. It's hard to say what the future holds, but I want to keep the past in the present.

I always joke that it's the Ravenclaw in me - always striving for knowledge and learning. Always trying to understand and know the ways of people and the world. It's just my way of holding on to it, preserving it so it is not lost.