Monday, 1 August 2016


It was upon a Lammas night, 
When corn rigs are bonie, 
Beneath the moon's unclouded light, 
I held awa to Annie; 
The time flew by, wi' tentless heed, 
Till, 'tween the late and early, 
Wi' sma' persuasion she agreed 
To see me thro' the barley. - Robert Burns

We've had a busy few weeks, but we made time to do a bit of Lammas workings.

D's birthday was on the 28th, our anniversary was on the 25th.

I took the day off work, and we went out to a local park and had a lovely little italian picnic - margharita pizza, paté, tiramisu, italian moscato. We offered some of the wine to the spirits of the place who held us close (we didn't see a soul come through, it was blissful quiet), and it was a magical day. After eating, we got to lie on our picnic blanket and listen to the wind and the songbirds. I could have napped for a few hours.

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 It was a lovely day all around - it was nice to just take a break from the regular grind of day-to-day life and reconnect with nature.

We went out for beer and Greek food the night of D's birthday, and out for Mexican with some friends a few days ago. It's been nice to reconnect with people and try to build new bonds.

Today is a holiday for us, so it was easy to make some time to pop into the garden, harvest some plants for drying. The garden is kind of wild right now, I had to go out and prune and trim before even harvesting.

My little datura is coming along! I was worried it was gonna croak, but it's chugging along!
This is also only about half of the garden, the greenhouse has a number of herbs that are thriving!

I took out an offering of honey and oats to the wights of my garden space, and made sure to offer to my gnomes. I thanked the wights for a continued good harvest, and asked for their continued blessings.

I then harvested some rosemary, oregano, mint, roses, and basil, as well as some cornflowers. I hung the first up on this repurposed red birch staff we harvested a few years ago. I'm going to fancy it up a bit more after this batch is done drying, but this is good for now.

I offered the cornflowers on my ancestral altar, as a thanks for the continued guidance.

I then set out some oats and honey as offering for my gods on my altar. I burned incense and lit candles to honour their continued presence in my life.

Last night, I baked some lussekatter, since Lammas is all about bread. They turned out fabulous.

It's been quiet otherwise. I have a few rituals upcoming that I've been invited to, and that I am super excited to attend. There's a Lammas ritual being held in a park, and a Hekate ritual being held at a beach. I'm dipping my toes back into joining the smaller community of like-minded folks. It's been kind of a bumpy road for the last 6 months, but I feel ready to be around other pagan people again.

August is going to be 3 weeks of insanity followed up by a very well-deserved vacation. There are visits and rituals and weddings - but I am looking forward to every bit of it.

It's just remembering to breathe.

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