Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Brief Beltane Blog

Life is crazy! It has been insanely busy lately, so much so that I haven't even gotten my garden started (but to be fair, it snowed last week so that is unsurprising)! I've been really pushing at my new job, and I have a number of tests coming up in the next few days, so I;ve been studying and going to meetings and being social and doing my normal stuff. It's exhausting!

For Walpurgisnacht, my husband and I burned an effigy of winter, in hopes that it's grip is finally gone. Nice and simple, and with that we have welcomed in spring! We went and made offerings to the spirits and gods of our wooded spot, which was a nice reconnection. We have plans for some meditation this week, which I look forward to, as well as planning the dedication of our new hearth.

We spent this year's Beltane with family and friends. We had planned on attending a private ritual we were invited to, but we got an invite and we were fortunate to spend the day with RedMenace out at her new homestead in the country. We went to a place on the way called Court House Hill, and it's a topographically significant site in Nova Scotia.

I ain't lying.
From the top of the hill you can actually see 5 counties. You normally don't get big sky in Nova Scotia, there are so many hills and cliffs and rocks. The view was incredible, and you could see the telltale signs that spring is here!

So much to see. If you look hard enough in the first photo, you can actually see the Bay of Fundy!

We then went the rest of the way to her homestead, which is an amazing place. We got to hang out in her barn, visit her forge, wander the grounds with the guard cat Trigger, and wonder at all the plants finally springing to life!

Her husband made us some supper, we got a tour of the house and the bunker, and we relaxed. It was a perfect day. We had planned to have a bonfire, but everything is tinder dry right now, and there's a burn ban in effect so the fire was a no go, especially since she's surrounded by acres of forest. That's okay, I'm okay without an accidental wildfire.

The next few weeks will be a blur, I'm sure. I have so much to do, with getting the garden started and work and social engagements. That's okay, it's a nice and welcome change from the doldrums of winter. I am really looking forward to my garden this year. RedMenace gifted me some datura, so I look forward to growing that. I've got dozens of flowers to plant, so many veggies to start. I can't wait to get my hands dirty!