Saturday, 30 January 2016

Winter offerings

So D and I decided to take a walk the other day before our recent snowstorm to put out some offerings for the local land spirits and animals. We trudged through the snow to refill our bird feeder we have out.

Offerings at the base of the old man tree (an old tree on which has a gaping mouth, one eye, and 9 trunks. I usually bring home brewed mead, but it was so cold I was worried it would freeze, so we brought seed, with promises for a full bottle of mead when it gets warmer.

Into the mouth of the tree. I avoided taking pictures of the entire tree (I got the feeling it would not be polite), but this was okay.

Offering at the footbridge over the stream.

As we were walking out, I noticed this on the path. Oddly, I didn't notice it on my way in, but I did lose my grip on the seed bag at this exact point on the other side of the path. Funny we noticed this in the exact place on the way out. This is Ansuz, the rune associated with Odin (the word literally means god or god's breath).

We were treated to a killer sunset on the way out to go home and cook supper.

We try to get out and practice both land stewardship and land offerings as much as we can. We have a suet cake waiting for a colder day for the next trip down.