Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Year

So it's time for the look back/go foward for 2015/2016 - this is going to be super boring, mostly because I had a low-key year.

January 2015:
- started the cocktail project with my now husband (then partner)
- was on a local college radio show about my witchcraft tradition
- started training for my new job

Random January photo: sunset waiting for the bus
February 2015:
- started my new job
- held the first annual Sockmas (based on Sockstice), the sock giving holiday
- Had a crazy amount of snow
- got new boots (this is significant! I am a huge advocate for dressing for the weather!)

Random February photo: Sockmas!
March 2015:
- Had a crazy amount of snow
- started The Corvid Key (two weeks earlier than scheduled), and closed Another Pagan Blog.
- had ridiculous hate mail from a local know-nothing, which was chronicled here, which became an official 'thing'.
- said gormless dimwit became a full-on stalker and sent minions to harass me on other social media mediums!
- went to Video Games Live!
- started my garden

Random March photo: Video Games Live!

April 2015:
- turned 33
- had a nice visit home to see family and friends
- held a Walpurgisnacht ritual which involved burning things in a BBQ because there was too much snow

Random April photo : My birthday cake, made by DragonLady (it's a tiny Heimdall and bifrost)

May 2015:
- celebrated the bi-annual Viking Feast on Beltane with the coven and family
- found out our friends were having another baby!
- had a great coven picnic for GarmsTears's initiation and belated birthday
- ate quail eggs for the first time (yum!)

Random May photo: our spread from Viking Feast

June 2015:
- Got tattooed with my fellow coven mates - keys for the coven, as well as a second, nerdier tattoo
- had shit hours at work, so spent a lot of time reading and gardening
- made and canned brandied cherries

Random June photo: my key tattoo

July 2015:
- decided to get handfasted and married to my long-term partners
- realized very quickly who were wolves in sheep's clothing, and stewed on that for a bit.
- ordered my rings
- Got another tattoo
- had a handfasting and married D after 10 year together to the sounds of the lake and ravens crying overhead, surrounded by family and friends and love.

Random July photo: cupcakes I made from my handfasting (and my unimpressed cat)

August 2015:
- got to hang out with my grandmother in a surprise visit
- received my rings, my marriage license,.
- marked a year of leaving the best job ever

Random August photo: my handfasting ring

September 2015:
- married my partner of 17 years, DPM, at the courthouse surrounded by our family and friends
- went on sick leave for 6 weeks
- removed racist and bigoted people from my life, again (a ruddy plague, they are)
- went on our annual apple picking trip with the coven

Random September photo : me on my wedding day

October 2015:
- took another trip home to visit friends and family who couldn't make it to the weddings
- watched my country kick the oligarch who had been running the country the last 10 years to the curb, and with gusto
- went to see Loreena McKennitt in concert (life changing...)
- went to Hal-Con!
- went to a public event for the pagan community for the first time in 4 or 5 years
- had the worst stomach flu I have had in 10 years
- our friends had their 3rd child!

Random October photo: morning on the lake (on the way on our trip)

November 2015:
- went back to work
- helped our coven mates bless their new home
- applied for a supervisor position at work
- went to a lovely ritual held by a few friends
- basically spent all month wishing it was December

Random November photo: when my twitter account reached level super satan

December 2015:
- held the first ever Bookmas, instead of Christmas
- went to another ritual for Yule
- renewed old contracts with old gods
- started a batch of mead
- had a billion days off work
- read a lot of books
- D and I witnessed a scary auto accident, which included us rescuing people from their sideways car and calling 911.

Random December photo : Me (and D)
I don't generally like to make resolutions. I prefer to focus on reasonable goals. I like to pick a word, or a theme. 2015 was all about hope. It was about going through rough times and realize that there is always something brighter coming further down the road. Trust me, I went through some very rough patches, but I always knew it would get better, eventually.

I think my word for 2015 will be 'Victory'.

I want to conquest. I want to set and achieve goals, minor and large. I want to assert my needs and wands. I want to know my willpower is strong. I want to control my will, hone it like a blade, and use it to strike into victory. This year will be a year of taking, of gains.

This was cemented by my annual 'pull a card to focus on for the year' and pulling the Chariot.

And now, I leave you with the wish for a prosperous new year, and the follow wisdom from John Oliver:

And here is some advice for the year, of course in gif form: