Saturday, 16 January 2016

Changeling 20

I have spoke before about my love of tabletop roleplaying games, my all time favorite being Changeling the Dreaming.

Changeling deals with themes of hope in a bleak world. The tenuous grasp on all that matters to you - family, birthright, way of life, survival of your culture - in the face of everything that could erase it from existence. It's driven by magic, by fight. It's rebelling against the establishment to secure your place in this world. These are themes that I feel are always going to be relevant in today's society. We must all that find that spark of magic within us to prevent the banality of this world from wearing us down, grinding us into dust and nothingness.

It is a game that sings the song of my very soul.

Recently, Onyx Path recently announced they would be kickstarting a 20th anniversary edition of this beloved game. I don't think anyone in my household has ever been so excited. We were immediately in on it. My husband wrote a lovely piece about it.

I have decided, after many years of abstaining, to run another Changeling campaign. DPM is usually the one who runs these, but I know he is itching to play. It has been a long time since I have run a long-term game. I've always been hesitant, and I find storytelling challenging. However, I am hoping that my willingness to be a better storyteller will help me do just that.

The thing I love about the realm of table top roleplaying is that there is something for everyone - themes for everyone, adventures for everyone, intrigue for everyone. It helps to bring people together, to spark that creative energy in you, to inspire you, to build friendships. I have always liked White Wolf's games, but Changeling has always been the game I measure all other games by. It's so steeped in mythology, has an excellent balance of pathos and whimsy, and is relatable. It gives us a way to fight the crush of mundane life, to see something more magical in life.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new book, which has so many extras that will make playing this game feel new again. The kickstarter is now closed, but if you want to take a peek, here it is.