Wednesday, 17 June 2015

E3! Games!

The internet has been all buzzing about the announcements at this year's E3. XBox One's going backwards compatible!  Shenmue! Street Fighter V! Last Guardian! Kingdom Hearts 3! Hitman! Aisha Tyler and Angela Bassett on the Rainbow Six presentation (which is a pretty darn big deal with the amount of pro-bro stuff being announced)!

However, I'm pretty darn picky with games. For me, it has to have a compelling story, it has to have excellent and logical gameplay mechanics, and it has to have some level of re-playability. It has to look good too, because that's half of a good game. I don't do well with things like Halo. If there is not real story, it needs to serve some purpose. I love Mario Kart and Animal Crossing and Smash Bros, and they don't have a real story, per say, but the replay value is so high.

I am someone who has loved RPGs since... oh, forever. It's not surprising, but playing stuff like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 shaped my love for games beyond Mario. I was a hardcore Mario fan until I discovered Chrono Trigger. I can't count the hours I have clocked sitting in front of the TV or on my gameboy playing something. In fact, in order to sit down and write this I had to talk myself out of playing Skyrim.

So, we could talk about all of the things I'm not really interested or excited about, but instead I'm going to talk about what I am super psyched about. Here are my picks thus far:

Fallout 4

Now, I'll be super honest here - I have never actually played a Fallout game since the first one (which I think I played twice. Maybe.). I have watched DPM play the shit out of them, but before Skyrim, I hadn't played a FPS since fucking Wolfenstein. Like, on the PC on the 90's. Skyrim was a huge turning point for me on the FPS front, and I refused to play it for months because I couldn't get a wrap on the controls. Now I can't put the fucking game down. I watched the trailer for Fallout 4, and I actually felt fucking excited. I am already familiar enough with how Fallout works, and I adore the retro futuristic setting. If DPM hadn't loaned Fallout 3 out to a coworker, I would be working through it right now. Bethesda knows how to make a good sandbox game, and I am super fucking pumped for this.

And also Dogmeat can't die. YASSS.


FF VII Remake

Okay, who didn't see this coming? The last few FF games have been lacklustre. FF XIII was a logistical nightmare (which I wanted so much to like because badass female protagonist). In my opinion, there hasn't been a good game since FFX. Since FF VII was the big major hit for them, it makes sense that they're trying to bring back that excitement and magic for the brand - to try and drum up excitement for the next instalment. All the obvious marketing stuff aside, I am so excited for this. I remember playing FF VII in all it's hideous polygon jagged glory, and thinking it was the fucking shit. The story is solid, the characters are beloved, and I look forward to what this will look like.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

This is a new one, and sort of an odd one, but it looks beautiful and interesting. It's a sort of post apocalyptic cavemen with sentient robots. I have watched the trailer twice, and I can barely contain my excitement. For one, it's a female protagonist, which is pretty awesome - and a kickass at that. Secondly, there are freakin' giant robot dinosaurs. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Thirdly, the trailer did a really good job of setting the scene, and I think that bodes well for an interesting story. The main character is automatically engaging, and it looks like it might be a little sandbox-y, which is perfect for my standards.


There are other things that look kind of neat. Unraveled looks cute, and kind of unexpected, coming from EA. Uncharted looks like you want it (and expect it) to look. Dreams looks like it could be quirky and fun.

Also, Bethesda, now that you have announced Fallout 4, can we get a new Elder Scrolls game please? Please? I want Black Marsh so badly.

Seriously, though, there's still some E3 left to discover, so it'll be interesting to see what else gets dropped.